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2014 was going to be the year I finally started a) finishing writing projects, instead of just falling out of love with them and consigning them to electronic purgatory, and b) actually sharing a few things. And, yay! I think I did well on both counts, for which, in addition to patting my own back, I owe huge thank yous to the TGS comm for being extremely kind and encouraging.

My 2014 Totals
(This was a good exercise, because it’s also encouraging.)

Secret Santa fic
Learning to Fly
Series J - Jeremy Jocularity and Just What the Hell Is Going On Here
Reading Between the Lines
With a Heave and a Ho
31,715 words

Misc. challenge and comment dribble/drabble/drouble-y things

Grand Total = 41,112 words, and one pleased and completely flabbergasted fic writing newbie

And there is one more thing – 59,869 words on a highly problematic WIP. It is…well, it’s the first thing I started writing in fandom (Yes, ambitious and rubbish. Highly appropriate.) and I put it down about 40K in to write With a Heave and a Ho, something I had more of a hope of finishing. As a result, I am insanely proud of With a Heave and a Ho, even with all of its first effort flaws, for being that first thing I was dedicated enough to finish and brave enough to share. But, that also means that the gargantu-WIP is truly my first effort and it is pretty much all of my flaws and weaknesses as a writer, distilled and concentrated.

I want to finish it, partly because I feel guilty over starting yet one more thing I’ve never finished, but more because there are parts of it that I like…okay, that and I still find myself writing scenes in my head. However, finishing it definitely means rewriting a lot of what I have – in fact, I was a few thousand words, plus notes into rewriting the first two chapters when life kind of laughed in my face and got a bit cranky and overwhelming several months ago – so I’m counting the original, unfinished draft words towards my final total, in my head at least, because, hey, I spent the first six months of the year scribbling on it.

So my final (head cannon, if you will ;) ) total is: 100,981 words.*

Fuck. I guess, maybe, I haven’t procrastinated quite as much this year as I thought? So, continuing to write, writing better, and hopefully re-writing and finishing this turkey, are all goals for 2015.

*Don’t ask me to speculate on what percentage of that is redundant, meandering exposition – I’m working on that particular issue for 2015. ;)
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