Oct. 6th, 2013

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Finally. Writing accomplished! Well, some of it anyway.

Just when I was getting ready to send out a search party for my lost creative spark, train of thought and, indeed, most basic ability to put pen to paper and yield results, who should come trooping back out of the ether but my muse. Guess I don’t have to put those posters up now, eh? Yeah. I’ll save them for the next…er…just in case:



Hair: Highly dependent on point of view
Eye Color: Somewhat inspiring (Hey, I didn’t say she was a great muse.)
Height: Intriguing…ish
Last Seen: Dying of boredom while I tried to make federal copyright law comprehensible to humans. Hmmm, when put that way I suppose the whole disappearance thing is understandable after all.

If seen, please contact right away.

Although there are certain aspects where I can let my imagination out to play a bit, the writing I do for work is far more of the legal/news/technical-ish variety than creative. By necessity of being, well, work, it always comes first even when that means too much, say, policy writing temporarily dulls any lurking creative spark.

But when writing even the most simple of work projects becomes like pulling teeth, I am one miserable lady. I don’t even feel like myself. And that’s where I’ve been for the last few weeks…until, *poof* suddenly this weekend, things just started flowing again. I wrapped up my current projects, got a little blog writing done and even some scribbles that may or may not eventually turn into something more. All in all, an excellent weekend. *sigh* This feels so much better.

Now, how to entice my muse to stick around for a bit longer this time?


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