Sep. 22nd, 2013

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Murphy’s Law, Section 342, Paragraphs 1 through 4: The Writers’ Clauses

(1) The words will come unstuck and begin to flow easily at roughly the same moment you finally decide to give up for the evening and try for some much needed sleep.

(2) The piece you should be writing will become the only piece you need to prod your brain over – suddenly it’s virtually bombarding you with ideas for all of your other pieces.

(3) Setting aside a day to write is the surest way to guarantee a day full of fires that need putting out, unplanned emergency projects and non-stop email requests.

(4) The writing you wish to be doing is seldom the writing that will pay your bills -- unless you are very, very lucky indeed. Oh well, something to aspire to then.

Hey, you can now read it on the internet so, of course, it must be true. *nods* Lately paragraphs two and three in particular have been banes of my existence. Fortunately the happy truth of the matter is that when the words are flowing freely, Murphy and his damned law take a hike, and the reality you create on the page actually matches the ideas taking shape in your head, none of this matters and the world is a very good place indeed. Now. *rubs hands together eagerly* How to get back to that place…


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